Audi quattro Cup Korea 2022
The largest tournament series in the world for amateur golfers

"The Audi quattro Cup, the largest amateur tournament series in the world, offers continually growing fascination. Since 1991, more and more Audi importers and dealers from around the world have been inviting their customers to experience golf passion during an exciting tournament day. An expected number of over 100,000 golfers will be competing in teams of two across more than 700 tournaments in the Audi quattro Cup in 2022. This series is special as every team winning its regional tournament will be invited to the national final and thus has the opportunity to qualify for the World Final.

Audi represents sports competition, precise technology and passion. With the Audi quattro Cup, Audi connects enthusiasm for golf with the fascination with Audi cars. For more than two decades, Audi has actively promoted golf. Since then, this team tournament has been writing its success story.

47 countries are already hosting the Audi quattro Cup, which was founded in Germany in 1991. At the time, the German Audi dealers organized 51 tournaments with more than 6,000 participating golfers. In 1992, eight countries participated in this tournament series. Today, the threshold of 100,000 participants per year has been reached. All in all, more than 1,000,000 golfers have participated in an Audi quattro Cup tournament in the last 31 years.

In Korea, Audi Korea has been hosting Audi quattro Cup golf tournaments with authorized dealers nationwide since 2005. Today it is the best amateur golf tournament in Korea.

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