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Audi quattro Cup Mainvisual 2014


Dear Golfers, with the conclusion of the 2013 Audi quattro Cup World Final in Los Angeles, California on November 11th, another amazing Audi quattro Cup season came to an end. Congratulations to the team of South Africa, who won the World Final event in group A, as well as to the winning team of Guatemala in group B.

2013 continued to be another successful Audi quattro Cup year and we were yet again able to increase the number of tournaments, as well as participating players who took part in the largest amateur tournament series worldwide. We welcomed Kazakhstan, Qatar, Macao, Pakistan and Russia as new markets to the ever growing family of the Audi quattro Cup. For 2014 we have already received commitments from Bahrain to host Audi quattro Cup tournaments. We are delighted to see this development, which is proof of the increasing attractiveness of this series.

In order to continue the success story of the Audi quattro Cup in 2014, the preparation and planning is already in full force. We are hopeful to stage over 1000 local Audi quattro Cup tournaments for the first time since the existence of this tournament series.
The following pages include the terms and conditions for the qualifying tournaments in 2014.
We wish you all good luck and with a little bit of fortune we look forward to welcoming you at a National Final or at the 2014 Audi quattro Cup World Final, which will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from December 7th – 11th.

Best regards,
Dominik Kaenel
Sports Marketing
D-85045 Ingolstadt